the Loneliest Road in America

The US Route 50 in Nevada was named  the loneliest road in America. This Transcontinental highway stretches from West Sacramento to Ocean City uniting California and Maryland. The name of loneliest rout is pejorative and was first called like this by the Life Magazine, people liked the new poetic name and it became very popular. The name is due to the desolate areas of the unique route, with few signals of civilizations and several mountain ranges.

The Loneliest Route in America wasbuilt over one of the the Lincoln Highway corridors. Before  US highway system was constructed, US 50 in Nevada was called State Route 2 and has considerably changes from its first plans due to fail in negotiations between Utah ans Nevada. Eureka is one town outside the route where it is very advisable to rest as it is very serviceable.
The road may be empty, but it is full of amazing attractions, landscapes and views. There are sand flats where people take dark rocks and write their names or advertise on it and a recreation area where there is a giant mountain of sand where a lot of all-terrain vehicles go down and up. It is a lovely trip that you must take unless once in your lifetime.

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